The Ebenezer Design Process

Welcome to our first Workshop entry!

We thought this would be a good place to introduce you to our design process behind our gaming mats. As you will see, we put in a great deal of effort and countless hours to design the most detailed mats available. 

Step 1: Layout design & Structure

We start off each unique design, by identifying the theme we want to go with and then planning a rough layout of the what we think it should look like. For this mat we decided on a Bayou/Swamp theme:


Step2: 3D Design & Build

Once we have locked down what we will be creating, we start building the entire mat in 3D. This involves starting off with modelling the square area space, and raising and lowering areas that creates a sence of depth:


We then start adding all the details we think we look great within the theme. In this case for the Bayou mat we added little wooden planks and a rough swampy grass & leaves:


Creating the mats in 3D give us full control over exactly where and what we are creating. Each blade of grass and each little stone is purposefully placed.

Step 3: Preparation & Application of Textures

As soon as the 3D design of the mat is done, we start painstakingly designing textures that get applied to all the different 3D elements. Great attention to detail is applied here to ensure fantastic looking textures, even at the large scale we produce them at:

Step 4: Lighting

The final step to getting our mats looking good is lighting the entire scene. Different light set-ups create different moods, so each mat is lit differently to match the style & environment:

Step 5: Final Render

The final step is to check that everything is in order, and to then set-up the mat for it's final render output before being submitted to the production house for final print and production:

We hope this gives you some insight into the passion and effort that goes into every little inch of our mat designs. We will be posting a whole lot of goodies in our Workshop Blog, including painting and terrain tutorials, so be sure to visit regularly for new entries and products!